Thrive Agenda

A new chapter in our story has begun! Our Thrive Agenda is MHBS’ new initiative to ensure that giving back is at the core of everything we do and our promise to stand up for what matters the most in 2023 and beyond.

Our Thrive Agenda is built on four cornerstones:

• Supporting our community – our community has supported us for more than 150 years
and now is our turn to say thanks.

• Giving back – our desire to give back at every opportunity to our members, colleagues
and community.

• Greener living – making valuable changes to protect the future of our planet.

• Thrive at home – we believe that everyone should have a happy, safe and secure place
to live.

Through Thrive, we will invest our time and money into helping our members, colleagues and community flourish and live full and positive lives.

We have so many exciting plans for our Thrive Agenda in 2023! Stay tuned to our social
media to hear our latest Thrive stories and for more information visit:

Together we Thrive!