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Mortgage information

Useful details

Mortgage information

Information and documents for existing borrowers, applicants and solicitors.

SVR (Standard Variable Rate) for mortgages

What is an SVR? An SVR is an interest rate, it is not linked directly to an independent external rate such as the Bank of England’s Base Rate. It is set by a lender.

Market Harborough Building Society has two types of SVR relating to residential loans:

Residential SVR – 5.49% – effective from 1 March 2009

Holiday Let SVR – 5.49% – effective from 1 June 2012

In addition, the Society has a variable base rate for commercial lending – please refer to your loan documents if this applies to you.

Our SVRs are changing

With effect from 1 July 2022, the residential, holiday let and commercial SVR will increase to 5.94%.

You can find out more about this change, and further information for those impacted, by visiting our frequently asked questions page. Affected customers will be contacted by our mortgage team.

Payment difficulties

If you are having difficulty in paying your mortgage, we will try our best to help you. This page explains how we will treat you fairly and what steps you should take yourself.

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