Using our website

Commitment to accessibility
We are committed to making sure our website can be accessed by all and is easy to use. It has the following features:

Changing font size
The font size on the screen can be altered to make it easier to read. You can easily change it by using the “Font Size” option in the header of every page.

It is also possible to increase the size of the text by holding down the ctrl key on the bottom left of your keyboard whilst using the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in (or out) of the page.

Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts control various browser functions and are often a useful and quick way of navigating through a site.

For the majority of browsers, use your Tab key to navigate forward through links (use Shift + Tab to go backwards), and Enter to activate the link.

Many other keys can be used, and will vary depending on the browser and operating system you are using.

Images and alt tags
We have avoided using excessive graphics within our website where possible to ensure quick download times and access to information which cannot be read if in image format.

Where images have been used we have added ‘Alt’ tags – text alternatives so that you will still know what the image is meant to convey even if it does not load or if you have chosen to browse with the images switched off or you are using an assistive technology like a screen reader to browse the web page rather than view.

PDF documents
This site uses PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file format for the publication of large and complex documents.

To download the documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.

Get Adobe Reader - This link will open in a new window

Site layout
You can navigate to the main parts of the site from the menu at the top of the page or by using the site map which can be found as a link at the bottom of each page. If you would like to contact us, our details are shown on the right-hand side of each page.

Report an accessibility problem
We are constantly working to improve the features of and would welcome your suggestions and comments.

If you have an accessibility or technical problem with any page on this site, please email: CustomersFirst or call us on 01858 412412.