Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee (sometimes abbreviated to CoP) is a checking service which helps reduce fraud.


When Confirmation of Payee checks, it will return a number of Match-Type’s. This is an indication of how closely the details match. 

Please see the section of What is a Match-type for details of the type of matches. 

Confirmation of Payee is a checking service which helps reduce fraud. It gives you greater confidence that your payments are being sent safely to the intended person or business. When you make a payment online, by phone or in branch, Confirmation of Payee will check if the account details you’ve given for a payee match those they’ve registered with their bank.

Receiving a payment into your MHBS account

When you or someone else tries to send money to your MHBS account a confirmation check takes place.

If the bank sending the payment is also part of the Confirmation of Payee scheme, they’ll check to make sure the details that have been entered match those on your MHBS account.

For someone to make a successful payment to your MHBS account, they will need:

  • Your full first and last name as it appears on your account
  • Our MHBS sort code (20-49-16) and account number (70608386)
  • Reference: In this section, enter your 11-digit MHBS account number only (don’t include the /1 at the end of the number). Your account number will show on your Online Service home page
  • To confirm that your account type is Personal

Sending a payment to your account 

If you’re sending money to your nominated bank account, we’ll use the details you’ve most recently provided; which were checked by MHBS at the time.

If you wish to change these, please contact our Savings Support team on 01858 412412.

After a Confirmation of Payee check, you’ll see one of the following match types confirmed. Here’s what they mean:


The details entered for the recipient match those on your MHBS account accurately.

Close Match

The details entered closely match those confirmed by MHBS. This happens if either the name that is entered is slightly different from the name on your MHBS account, or if the account type is incorrect.

You will be shown the correct name and/or account type to help understand if it’s the correct person receiving payment. 

Although the payment can be continued with, we recommend the details are checked with the recipient if you’re unsure rather than risk losing your money.

No Match 

The details entered don’t match those held by MHBS which means the payment may not reach the intended account.

This happens if the details entered are incorrect. In most circumstances the payment cannot be completed until:

  • re-check the details with the intended payee
  • re-enter the payee details if a new payee is being added
  • or delete and re-add them if they’re an existing payee. 

Unable to check 

Sometimes payee’s details are unable to be confirmed. This could be because:

  • the payee’s account may have been un-subscribed from the Confirmation of Payee Scheme
  • the account may have been set up less than 24 hours ago
  • or there may be a technical issue.


This doesn’t necessarily mean the details entered are incorrect. However, if unsure a check should be made with the recipient.

To change your nominated MHBS account details,  send us a secure message via the Online Service or pop into a branch.

If you need more assistance call us on 01858 412412,

If sending a secure message via the Online Service then please select ‘Add a bank account’ from the Message Type to help avoid any delays in processing your request. You may only have one verified bank account which you must be named on. 

If coming into branch we need to see two forms of ID, including a bank statement or bank card that shows the correct details. 

Can I opt out of Confirmation of Payee?

You may be able to stop your own details being checked when other people try to pay money to your MHBS account.

Yes, although each bank and building society is responsible for its own policies regarding customer data, we will offer you the option of opting out.

Think carefully before doing so though, as this is designed to make it much less likely that you will fall victim to fraud or enter the wrong account numbers by accident.

What name should I use for joint accounts?

When you pay money, or receive money into your joint account, please use the full name of both named account holders as they appear on the account. 

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