Existing borrower benefits

“My membership gives me access to additional mortgage features”

As a valued member of the Society, you have access to a wide range of exclusive offers and benefits, including additional borrowing and repayment holidays as well as easy switching to new mortgage deals.

Additional borrowing

You could take a further advance for home improvements, a new car or dream holiday. Depending on your circumstances you may be able to borrow more against your property, the minimum loan is £30,000. 

Switching product

It’s easy for existing borrowers to switch their mortgage deal and far easier than applying for a new mortgage, with no solicitor involvement and much less paperwork to complete. Contact us to find out about our exclusive range of existing borrower deals available to you. 

You can also use our mortgage repayment calculator to help decide which deal is right for you.

Overpayment facility

Your mortgage product may allow flexibility to make overpayments without penalty. Contact us to explore your options.

Repayment holidays

If you have made 12 consecutive monthly mortgage payments in full, you may have the option of taking a break from your normal payment. Conditions do apply so call us to find out more. 

*All of the above features are available subject to satisfactory conduct of your existing mortgage account and meeting our lending criteria at the time of your request. This may include reassessment of income, credit history, property type and valuation.

If you are an existing borrower with MHBS and would like to discuss your options, call 01858 412412. Alternatively please email directmortgages@mhbs.co.uk, and our mortgage team will be happy to help.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.