Easy Access Accounts

Save with a competitive variable rate!

What to consider before opening an Easy Access account:

Easy Access Accounts are suitable for those who can use their personal savings, want a variable rate of interest and require easy access to their savings

  • Easy Access accounts usually provide a lower rate of interest than Notice or Fixed Term  accounts but benefit from Easy Access to any money you have saved in them.
  • An Easy Access account can help your money grow while providing you access online or at a branch to your savings, when you need it. 

For more help, you can get in touch on 01858 412412 or you may prefer to send details of your query to customersfirst@mhbs.co.uk.

Easy Access ISA – Issue 6

2.90% Gross*/AER** variable
Minimum balance £100
Maximum tax-free investment each tax year £20,000
Annual interest
Easy access


2.70% Gross*/AER** variable
For children aged 0-18 years
Minimum balance £10
Maximum balance £10,000
Annual interest
Easy access

*Interest is paid without tax deducted. Some savers will be required to pay tax on savings interest; this should be arranged directly with HMRC through your tax return.

**AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added once each year.