Sleeping Bag Donation

If you’re a regular in our branches, you’ve probably met Jenni Robson a member of our branch team. Towards the end of last year we were excited to donate several sleeping bags to a soup run that Jenni volunteers at.

Every two weeks volunteers distribute hot food, warm clothing and other essentials to the homeless on the streets of Leicester. Our donated sleeping bags were distributed to those in need on Christmas Eve.

Jenni said: “Originally we didn’t have enough sleeping bags and we are so very grateful that MHBS stepped in with a supply.”

Jenni has done fantastic work for many years volunteering for a charity who are involved in national and international projects, from disaster relief to helping the local community.

We’re thrilled that we can give back to our local community and we’re so proud to have people like Jenni working with us, thank you Jenni for all of your hard work – Together we Thrive!