Security update Online Service security changes

Security update

Online Service security changes

Verification changes to our Online Service

We're introducing some changes to make your online account even safer.

What is changing?

Soon there will be an extra step when you are logging in to our Online Service.

An authentication code will be sent at your request to the mobile number you have provided to us. You will need to enter this code in order to log in successfully. You may also occasionally be sent an authentication code when completing a transaction or updating sensitive details.

To support this we’re asking you to check your personal details on the My Profile tab when you next log in.


When is this changing?

The change will be made in early 2020.


Why is this changing?

A new regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is being introduced in the coming months. This is to help prevent fraud and increase your security online.

This new regulation will be introduced across all banks and building societies and you will also see changes if you shop online.


What you need to do

To ensure you are ready, please log in to check all your personal details are correct and up to date. Carefully check your mobile phone number as this is where we will be sending your authentication code.

If you need to update your details, you can log in to the Online Service and update your personal details

Helping you stay protected

We’ve got tips and guidance to help you keep your money and your personal information protected. Please visit helping you stay protected to find out more.