Insurance withdrawal Your MHBS insurance policy won't renew

Insurance withdrawal

Your MHBS insurance policy won't renew

Your MHBS insurance policy won't renew

After reviewing our products, we feel our customers can benefit from the wider choice of insurance options in the market, so have made the decision to discontinue our insurance product. This means you’ll need to arrange replacement cover to ensure you are still insured.

Why aren’t you renewing my insurance?

We’ve reviewed the insurance we offer customers and have come to the decision that it’s no longer flexible enough to meet customers’ needs compared to other insurance products available in the market.

Can I choose to keep my insurance with you?

We are withdrawing our insurance products, so won’t be able to offer you insurance cover going forward.

Will I have to pay for my insurance separately in future?

Yes, your new insurance provider will make arrangements with you to collect their insurance premium.

If I have a mortgage with you, will my mortgage payments change?

As your mortgage payments will have included payments for any insurance cover we provide, your monthly payments will reduce when the cover provided by us ends. We will write to you shortly after the end of your insurance cover to confirm the amount of your new monthly payment.

What information will I need to provide my new insurance company?

Your new insurance company will ask for details of your house, the value of your belongings and a number of other details to ensure they can assess the insurance cover you require.

It’s also important to understand that by not offering to renew your existing policy, this does not mean you’ve had your policy declined or cancelled by us. It’s simply that we weren’t able to offer you a renewal on your current policy – please bear this in mind if you decide to look for insurance elsewhere as this is a question that is normally asked.

Do I have to arrange insurance cover at the same level as the cover you provided?

No, you don’t have to maintain insurance at the same level as your previous cover.  Your new insurance company will discuss your options based on the information you provide them.

Where can I find details of my current insurance cover?

We send you an insurance certificate and schedule of cover each year. If you have difficulty finding your latest details, please contact us using the details in the Get in touch section below and we’ll be happy to help.

Who are More Than?

More Than is the direct-to-customer trading name of Royal and Sun Alliance (RSA), who underwrote the insurance provided by Market Harborough Building Society. They are one of many insurance providers in the market who you can approach either directly, through a broker or a price comparison site and we do not recommend them above other insurers but simply provide their details to help you find an alternative provider.

What is safekeeping of title deeds?

This is a service the Society offered to customers who kept their insurance cover with us after their mortgage had been redeemed. If we are currently looking after your deeds we will continue to do so following the expiry of your insurance cover with us. You don’t need to take any further action for us to do this.

What will happen if I have an insurance claim?

Until your expiry date you’re still covered under your MHBS policy. Any claims you’re currently making, or that occur before this expiry date, will continue to be dealt with under this policy number.

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