Our new online ID partner


What it means to you…

We’re proud to be partnering with HooYu, a global ID and verification company, in order to deliver a simple and speedy way for you to submit your ID for checking.

We want to take the pain out of supplying ID. Using HooYu means we can quickly and safely check your ID using digital footprints, ID document authentication and facial biometrics. This can save us having to ask you to post items to us, provide certified copies or visit a branch with your documents, and you can rest assured your information is handled securely.

As part of the verification process, we’ll share your contact details with HooYu and they will share with identity verification information with us.

HooYu use a TLS encrypted connection to keep your data secure. They delete all copies of your documents and any social profile data as soon as the identity check is done.

To find out more about how this exciting technology works, you can watch this video on HooYu’s YouTube channel.