Appointing a third party to help manage your savings account(s)

If you need help managing your finances or need to support someone close to you with their finances you may want to consider putting a third party arrangement in place.

A third party arrangement can be made by an account holder when they nominate a person to help them. The account holder maintains control of who helps, how much help they receive and decides when they no longer want or need help. 

How can I set up this arrangement with Market Harborough Building Society for my saving(s) account?

An arrangement can be set up for a maximum 12 months in the first instance. Your appointed third party will be able to withdraw money on your behalf from a branch and to report a lost or stolen passbook. They won’t be able to access your account online or by post, change your personal details or close your account(s).

Read our Third Party Terms and Conditions which will help you decide whether appointing a third party is right for you.

If you choose to go ahead and set up an arrangement, you should fill in the Third Party Mandate that both you and your appointed third party will need to sign. Then take your signed mandate to your local branch with the following documents:

  • Your savings passbook
  • Two documents proving your third party’s identification and address. Please see the Proving your identity leaflet for details of what is acceptable.

If you’re unsure whether a third party arrangement is right for you, you’ll find further information in the Building Societies Association booklet Need support with your finances from a friend or family member? or alternatively you can contact us on 01858 412412.