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A multi-generation solution for clients remortgaging a complex property

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing building societies and with another record year of lending under our belt, we’re used to solving challenging cases.

We say ‘yes’ to scenarios others turn away and will consider unusual properties, non-standard income, multiple applicants and more. We also have an impressive track record when it comes to cases with more than one quirk or complexity. Here’s a recent example of an application we helped with.

The clients’ scenario

Recently, we  provided a solution for a case involving four applicants, a couple plus their son and daughter-in-law. The family were looking to borrow over £1m to remortgage their existing residential property, a former stately home which at one point had been split into several dwellings. Now converted back to one home, the property was still held across multiple titles.

Our solution

This was a case with many complexities, including an unusual property and high net worth applicants across different generations, where borrowing into retirement was needed.

With our broad lending policy and flexible, can-do approach, we carefully considered the unique circumstances of this case. For affordability purposes, we took into account:

  • Pensions
  • Background rental income
  • Self-employed income from multiple businesses

By using these sources, we were able to meet the clients’ needs and provided a residential remortgage on an interest-only basis.

Specialist lending solutions from an award-winning lender

Whether it’s a listed building, an application including up to four applicants/incomes, borrowing into retirement or all these factors and more, contact us on 01858 412345. Our Specialist Business Development Managers will chat through your case and help you find the right mortgage solution.

This is a recent case example, pricing is tailored to your clients’ individual circumstances. Article details are correct as at 14 February 2024.

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