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Bridging finance to help a HNW couple secure their dream home

Our bridging finance solutions are suitable for both simple and complex cases and we also create bespoke products for clients that fall outside of our standard criteria. In addition, our bridging team specialise in providing short-term loans for high net worth clients with even greater flexibility including terms up to 60 months.

The clients’ scenario

In this case example, an older HNW couple were looking to secure their dream home in London before selling their existing residence. They required a bridging loan and wanted to use both properties as security. The plan was to repay the loan after selling their original home.

Our solution

We provided a £3 million bridging loan with rolled interest for 12 months. As a HNW case, we could have provided an interest roll-up facility for 60 months. As an added complexity, the couple planned to rent out their existing property on a short term arrangement, through a temporary holiday let basis, for six months whilst they completed the sale.
With our flexible approach, we worked with the intermediary to assess the case on its merits. We were able to create a solution that allowed for the short-term rental of the London home and meant the couple could secure their dream home using both properties as security in the short-term.

Bespoke products and a flexible approach

To find out more about our flexible approach, read bridging specialist William Edward’s spotlight on bridging finance.

If you have an out of the ordinary scenario, please give our bridging team a call on 01858 412345. We approach every case with a can-do attitude and our flexible products mean we often find solutions to scenarios other lenders turn away.

This is a recent case example, pricing is tailored to your clients’ individual circumstances. Article details are correct as at 6 February 2023.

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