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Bespoke remortgage for high net worth clients


We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality personalised service to your discerning high net worth clients.

Here’s an example of a case where we worked hand in hand with the intermediary to assess the clients’ overall situation and design a product tailored to their needs.

The clients’ scenario

These high net worth clients were looking for a like-for-like, remortgage on their residential property. Their current mortgage was from another lender who was unable to offer them a new rate and term that were acceptable. They were specifically looking for a five-year term.

The couple owned a portfolio of buy to let and commercial properties and we considered their overall situation in the affordability assessment. We used rental income from their properties, including one overseas, and a cash drawdown from savings to support their salary. As a result we were able to offer a solution that allowed the clients to continue enjoying the home they had built for themselves.

Our solution

We agreed a bespoke mortgage that met the clients’ requirements and included the following features:

• 3.49% pay rate
• Five-year term
• Interest only
• Below 60% LTV
• Borrowing over £1m

Commenting on this case, Specialist Lending Manager Dan Hopper said “with our flexible approach, we were able to consider the clients’ unique circumstances and design a remortgage solution specifically for them.

Our dedicated underwriter liaised directly with the intermediary and we were delighted to offer a product and rate the client was happy with.”

If you’d like to learn more about our high net worth mortgage solutions please contact your Specialist Lending Manager or call  01858 412345

Article details are correct as at 10 May 2022. Pricing is tailored to your clients’ individual circumstances. 

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