Article Refinance your bridging loan


Refinance your bridging loan

Refinance your bridging loan

Are you running out of time to repay your bridging loan and complete your build?

If so, the solution could be a new bridging loan, which Market Harborough Building Society may be able to provide. Simply speaking, a ‘re-bridge’ is a new loan to repay your existing bridging loan. Lenders can be reluctant to extend the original term of your bridging finance – regardless of circumstances – which can have a major impact on your plans. Find out how we could help keep your plans on track.

Life doesn’t always go to plan

A year can soon fly by when you’re building your dream home. And precious time within your 12 month bridging arrangement could be lost due to events beyond your control. Weather can cause unpredicted delays. Planning permission may take longer than anticipated. Building regulations may specify the use of particular bricks, roof tiles or materials that are in short supply. Or, the sale of your existing property could fall through last minute. Any of these could delay repayment of your bridging loan beyond the agreed term.

As deadlines slip, due to circumstances beyond your control, the completion of your new home may stall. The stress of repaying your bridging loan in the original timescales may be significant – so a plan to refinance could be the answer.

That’s where we’re different  

We understand that life doesn’t always go to plan. We also appreciate that there are legitimate reasons for delays. We will discuss the possibility of re-bridging with a new loan of up to 12 months to help you complete your build. You can be confident we assess each case on its merits. We take your life plans into account and are realistic about the nature of your self-build and any delays you may have faced. Our experience is extensive and we’re used to finding the right outcome for complex circumstances.

How can re-bridging help?

A re-bridge gives you time. Time to source materials, complete your build or perhaps sell your existing home. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing you have financial support when you need it most and with no monthly repayments during the bridging period.

Why re-bridge with us?

We’ve been committed to our customers for 150 years. We specialise in providing bridging for self-builds and can act quickly to give you finance suited to your circumstances. With our re-bridging finance you won’t need to make repayments during the term of the loan. You can borrow between £200,000 and £2.5 million for up to 12 months, up to a maximum age of 85 years.

If you’re ready to re-bridge or want to explore it further, talk to a member of our team on 01858 412610. Our specialists take the time to understand your needs, consider your case and find the right solution.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

To find out more about our range of mortgages and bridging loans, contact our Mortgage Team on 01858 412610.


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Claire Cooper

Claire Cooper


A re-bridge gives you the peace of mind of knowing you have financial support when you need it most and with no monthly repayments during the bridging period.