Introduce a friend Receive £150 each!

Introduce a friend

Receive £150 each!

Members! Introduce a friend for a mortgage...

If you know a friend or family member looking for a new mortgage, as a member you could introduce them to us and both receive £150!

Simply download and fill out the Introduce a friend form then hand it to a friend. Once your friend has completed their details, they can either send or hand in this form and we’ll contact them to discuss their options.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Society reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time and without notice
  • Friends can only be nominated by one customer
  • £150 will be sent on completion of the mortgage
  • Members can introduce family members
  • Saving and borrowing members are eligible to apply
  • The offer can be applied to a ‘re-mortgage’, however the friend cannot be an existing MHBS mortgage borrower
  • Members of staff cannot apply for this offer
  • Introduced friends may not be:
    • Existing mortgage borrowers
    • Individuals who have made a mortgage application in the six months prior to the date the form is received
    • Individuals who are already in the process of applying for a mortgage

£150 will be sent to both the member and the friend after completion of the mortgage