Tariff of Mortgage Charges

The following documents contain information that you should be aware of as a mortgage applicant or existing borrower. 

Please note that additional conditions may apply due to individual circumstances or requirements.

Tariff of mortgage charges – Residential
Tariff of mortgage carges – Commercial
Mortgage terms and conditions

Online Solicitor Pack

Above and below you will find links to all of the documents that you, as solicitors, will require in order to progress a standard mortgage transaction.

To ensure you are using the most up to date version of each document please refrain from saving these documents to your own computer. Print them off and complete them by hand for each individual mortgage case. These documents should not be altered in any way.

Schedule of documents of title
Other Occupiers Waiver Form (previously known as ‘Building Society Agreement and Undertaking’)
Certificate of Execution and Confirmation of Legal Advice – Occupier
Cross charging deed

Standard Mortgage Applications

Mortgage deed – standard
Certificate of title – standard

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Applications

For joint applicants where a property is being purchased in a sole name.
Mortgage deed – joint borrower sole proprietor
Certificate of title – joint borrower sole proprietor
Certificate of execution & confirmation of legal advice – borrower
Certificate of execution & confirmation of legal advice – mortgagor

Important Information

The documents listed immediately above are only for the use of Solicitors, Licensed Conveyancers (in England & Wales) and Independent Qualified Conveyancers who have been instructed by the Society to act for us, and have been directed to use the forms on this page.